Closing a Staging Repository

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You can deploy artifacts to a same open staging repository multiple times before closing it.

To close a staging repository:

  1. Login to the Nexus UI at
  2. Go to Staging Repositories page.
  3. Select a staging repository.  The staging repository name should look like your groupId without punctuation followed by a number (orgmygroupid-1000).  If you just finished performing your release, it may take a minute or two for the staging repository to appear on the Staging Repositories page.  Also, if there is a long listing of staging repositories with names like central_bundles-*, make sure that you scroll through the listing to find one that bears a name resembling your groupId.
  4. Click the Close button.

You will be asked to provide a description for this staging close operation. If the staging repository is closed successfully, you will get a notification email and confirmation via the ui.

See the image below for details.

To make sure the deployed artifacts meet the Central Sync Requirements , Nexus has a few staging rules running on Staging Close and Release. These rules will validate your deployment has correct POM, javadoc, source, pgp signatures, and checksums etc. If your deployment has any problem, you will get a report like this:

Then you have to find out what's causing the problem, drop the staging repository, fix your release, and deploy again.

After staging repository is closed successfully, you can click on it to get a repository tree view. You will want to download them and do some manual testing  (or hold a community vote) before finally releasing them. To download an artifact, right click on it and select Download.

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