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The following list describes New and Noteworthy features added in specific m2eclipse builds. (November 19, 2010)

Integrated with Maven 3.0 - this release includes Maven 3.0 (Final).

New HTTP transport layer - this release includes brand new HTTP transport layer based on JBoss Netty and Ning Async Http Client

0.10.0-20100209-0800 (February 9, 2009) and (June 23, 2010)

  • Stability - We've spent the last year working on stability and performance. If you are used to using m2eclipse 0.9.8, you'll notice a remarkable performance improvement between these two versions.
  • Integrated with Maven 3.0 - This release of m2eclipse includes Maven 3.0-alpha-6+. One of the primary drivers of the Maven 3.0 effort was to reimplement some of the guts of Maven to make it easier to embed within frameworks like the Eclipse IDE. If you are wondering what changes need to be made to your projects to use Maven 3.0, the answer is "none". Maven 3.0 is a revolutionary upgrade that will enable the next generation of development tools, but you don't have change a thing in your project. It should all just work.
    • Compatibility with Maven 3.0 CLI behaviour
    • Major performance improvements compared to 0.9.8
    • Full support for proxy/mirror/auth configuration as per settings.xml
    • Note for Maven 2 Users: If you need to configure m2eclipse to use a Maven 2 installation, you can do so in the m2eclipse preferences.
  • Maven Project Lifecycle Mapping framework - this framework gives you the ability to customize the Maven plugins and plugin goals which are involved in you development cycle. If you need to configure the Maven Resources plugin to update resources every time your project is built within Eclipse, there is a new tab available in the m2eclipse POM Editor.
    • Developed using the new Project Configurator API
    • Eclipse project configuration and build can be fully customized for project types and individual projects
    • Implementation of plexus-build-api to allow mojos participate in eclipse incremental/full builds
    • Support for modello, plexus metadata, antlr3, build-helper, resources (from site-extras)
  • Reimplemented nexus-indexer integration and repositories view - m2eclipse is very tightly integrated with the Nexus indexer, and it uses it to quickly locate dependencies and artifacts. This release adds a new Repositories View which gives you the ability to inspect, modify, and manage the Maven repositories (including your Local Maven Repository) in an easy-to-use interface.
    • m2eclipse now tracks repositories defined in settings.xml and project pom.xml files
    • New option for disabled, min, or full index details for each Repository
    • Remote index files are cached in maven local repository, less download, much faster new workspace initialization
  • eclipse 3.6 support / May 5, 2009

  • Incremental download of repository indexes
  • Support for Eclipse 3.5M7
  • Improved stability
  • Simplified UI for adding indexes:

  • Number of Maven plugins can spawn additional Java processes, for example, the maven-surefire-plugin allow to specify the following property:
-Dmaven.surefire.debug="-Xdebug -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,server=y,suspend=y,address=8000 -Xnoagent -Djava.compiler=NONE"

upon execution, user will be presented with a message like "Listening for transport dt_socket at address: XXX", where XXX is the port number to connect remote debugger to. When this message is shown in the Console view, there is now a hyperlink that allows to attach debugger to that process in one click:

  • Open JavaDoc action can be invoked from entries in the "Maven Dependencies" container, as well as entries on Dependencies, Dependency Hierarchy and Dependency Graph tabs of the Maven POM editor. The JavaDoc will be downloaded to the local Maven repository and then opened in the web browser inside Eclipse: / February 9, 2009

POM errors shown in the Problems view now also shown in the form header in the Maven POM editor:

Added initial POM refactoring support.

Exclude refactoring can be invoked from the popup menu on "Dependencies Hierarchy" and "Dependency Graph" pages in the Maven POM editor.

Rename artifact refactoring can be invoked from "Refactor... / Rename Maven Artifact" popup menu on a Maven project or pom.xml. This refactoring also delegates to project rename participans and will appropriately update launch configuration and other places.

Changes made by all refactoring wizards can be previewed before accepting. You can also exclude changes on individual poms.

"Web Resources" content provider adds more structure to the web projects shown in the "Project Explorer" view. It can be enabled or disabled using "Project Explorer" view menu and then "Customize View... / Content / Web Resources". / November 30, 2008

Support for incremental index updates (require nexus-indexer cli 1.1 or above or Nexus repository manager 1.2 and above.

Added option to Maven project builder to skip Maven compiler (e.g. when running process-test-resources phase), turned on by default. This should resolve issue with recursive build when JDT rebuilds classes touched by Maven and that triggers build over and over (see MNGECLIPSE-839). You can switch to the old behavior from the Maven page in the project properties dialog. For existing projects you may need to go to Maven page in project properties and set option to skip Maven compiler to on. / October 21, 2008

New wizard for installing artifacts to the local Maven repository. Based on contribution from Guillaume Sauthier and Mike R. Haller. / October 17, 2008

Printing support for the Dependency Graph page of the Maven POM editor, based on contribution of René Link. You can now use File / Print... action when Dependency Graph page is active.

Added debug tracing for several core components. / October 1, 2008

Added support for EJB and EAR projects in WTP integration.

Added link to open the Maven console from the active jobs in the Progress view (update dependencies, configure projects, etc): / September 18, 2008

Added new "Maven Doxia Editors" feature that provides editors APT, FML, XDoc and several other popular documentation formats used by open source projects. This feature also provides several new wizards for creating those files.

Added new extension point for adding custom pages to the Maven POM Editor. / August 22, 2008

Dependency graph and hierarchy pages in Maven POM editor allow to focus graph or hierarchy view on selected dependency scope. / August 11, 2008

New extension point for contributing custom menu items to the Maven popup menu.

Action "Show Dependency Hierarchy" in Maven popup menu for jar entries in "Maven Dependencies" classpath container opens Maven POM editor and selects corresponding jar entry on the "Dependency Hierarchy" page.

Added basic completion for plugin configuration parameters in POM XML editor. / July 31, 2008

Implemented SCM handler and UI for Eclipse Team/CVS provider.

Added "Maven modules filter" to the "Package Explorer" view. It can be enabled from view menu (Ctrl+F10 in "Package Explorer" view) / Filters... / Maven modules filter.

Project import and update project configuration now also sets "derived" flag on modules folders as well as on output folders, such as target/classes and similar ones. So, those resources does not cause duplicate search results in Search view and "Open Resource" dialog. To see those results you can enable "Show derived resources" flag in the "Open Resource" dialog.

When adding and editing Maven index in Maven Indexes view it is now possible to retrieve repository id from specified repository URL:

Added working set support to new Maven project and module wizards, to Maven project import wizard, to checkout Maven project from SCM and to import Maven artifact wizard: / July 17, 2008

Quick navigation to the Surefire test reports from the Maven process console: / July 13, 2008

Added content assist to form-based Maven POM editor for all artifact fields (parent, dependencies, exclusions, extensions, plugins, etc):

Added support for required archetype properties: / June 26, 2008

Changed Installation Requirements, so core plugin now requires WST XML editor (part of Eclipse IDE for Java and Java EE bundles from Europe and Ganymede)

JDT classpath variable M2_REPO (also used by maven-eclipse-plugin) is now handled automatically using settings from the active Maven installation.

Improved icons and decoration markers. Less red colors and better match with other Eclipse icons.

First iteration of the Form-based POM editor and migrated POM editing model to the new EMF based backend. POM editor also includes dependency hierarchy and dependency graph viewers and can show effective POM (similar to "mvn help:effective-pom" command). / June 3, 2008

Reworked Maven Settings pages. Location of the global Maven settings (such as <maven_home>/conf/settings.xml) is always taken from selected Maven installation. Global settings can't be specified when Embedded Maven installation is used as default. Also note that local settings (such as ~/.m2/settings.xml) are always override values from global settings. This way it should work the same as in Maven CLI.

Reworked default project configuration. There is no /target-eclipse folder anymore and Eclipse is always using Maven /target folder. You may need to run "Maven / Update Project Configuration" and delete "target-eclipse" folders after that.

Workspace Maven plugin resolution has been updated to work for Workspace projects. Also see Developing and debugging Maven plugins.

Added handler for AccuRev provider for Maven SCM.

Added hyperlinks (Ctrl-click) for open POMs from <parent>, <dependency> and <plugin> elements:

Added Outline view support for the POM editor showing summary for compound elements:

When creating new Maven project from Archetype it now possible to specify additional archetype properties: / May 16, 2008

New Maven POM XML editor built on WTP SSE editors framework provides completion based on POM schema, as well as completion on Maven artifacts, such as groupId, artifactId and version, appropriately scoped for dependencies, poms and plugins.

Customizable templates for parent, property, dependecy, exclusion, repository and plugin elements in POM XML editor. In additional to template configuration UI available to users, integrators can contribute predefined templates using org.eclipse.ui.editors.templates extension point. / May 12, 2008

Introduced Extensible project configuration framework and drafted configurators for AJDT, WTP (war projects) and Maven Eclipse plugin. "Update Source Folders" action had been renamed to "Update Project Configuration".

Maven launch configuration now allow to specify environment variables.

"Maven: The Definitive Guide" book is packaged as an Eclipse help.

Added new shortcuts for projects and jars to quickly navigate to project site, issue tracking, source control and continuous integration systems for the project. / April 21, 2008

Moved Maven launch configurations from "External Tools" into "Run/Debug" to provide control if Maven is executed under debugger. To debug you should use "Debug As... / Maven..." popup menu on the project, or create new Maven launch configuration from "Debug" drop down on the main toolbar.

New extension point and configuration UI for custom Archetype catalogs:

Added UI to select Archetype catalog to the Archetype selection page in "New Maven project" wizard: / April 13, 2008

Support Workspace resolution for launching Maven, which allows debug Maven plugins without installing into local Maven repository.

Added integration for Maven SCM to allow checking out and materializing Maven and Eclipse projects from CVS, SVN, Mercurial, Git, Perforce, VSS and other SCM systems supported by Maven SCM.

Extended SCM extension point and introduced new unified "Checkout Maven projects from SCM" wizard. / March 31, 2008

Implemented updating repository indexes in startup.

Moved all Maven configuration into project properties and added preferences to configure goals invoked for resource filtering. / March 10, 2008

New Maven Embedder with number of fixes for updating dependencies.

Most notable feature is support for launching Maven from the external Maven installations. Now you can register multiple external Maven installations in Maven preferences:

Registered installations can be selected in Maven launch dialog.

Also note that updated dialog also allow to specify additional parameters for Maven session, such as offline, skip tests, update snapshots and debug output: / March 1, 2008

Introduced new Maven model for editing. Add dependency and few other actions can now make changes to the pom.xml without erasing user's comments and formatting. The new model is also a foundation for the form-based editor for pom.xml / February 24, 2008

Number of UI improvements and backend fixes. Starting from this release all dependencies such as Maven Embedder, Maven Arhetype and Nexus Indexer are packaged as a separate OSGi bundles and plugin is now using same MavenCLI as the command line (still 2.1-SNAPSHOT).

Added new new action to the Maven popup menu to force updating snapshots.

Project import wizards (e.g. check out from SVN and Maven Artifacts) allow to select projects that need to be imported after source code is checked out locally

Maven preferences now allow to open editor for settings.xml

Allow to attach custom source and javadocs to the jars from "Maven Dependencies" container.

Allow to download custom Archetypes / January 25, 2008

Warning on startup if Eclipse is running on JRE and not JDK, which is required for several Maven plugins.

Support for resource filtering and separate output folders support. There are still gaps in that area and we will be working on close them in the next builds.

There is now support for downloading sources, opening maven poms and importing Maven projects for jars not managed with Maven (i.e. jars listed in the project build path). So it is now possible to attach sources to such jars and if necessary automatically download them to local Maven repository. This support rely on sha1s created y Maven when artifacts are deployed to remote repositories. I've also updated Nexus indexer CLI which is needed for reindexing proprietary repositories.

Prepackaged indexes can overwrite locally installed version based on the timestamp, so you can provision new index updates using Eclipse update manager

Most if not all the dialogs now remember history for all the text entry fields as well as number of other small UI improvements.

Project import and checkout wizards now allow to specify template in advanced settings to be used when creating project names. So, you could import maven/components from maven 2.x branch and from trunk and have unique Eclipse project versions. In new Maven project wizard, Eclipse project name can't be entered manually anymore is always derived from the groupId, artifactId and version and also uses the same template from Advanced settings. / December 30, 2007

Bug fixes, including improvements for the dependency resolution since last build.

The most exiting new feature is "Materialize Maven" project wizard.

Unable to render embedded object: File (materialize-jars.png) not found. / December 20, 2007

The biggest change since previous build is the asynchronous backend for dependency management. From the end user point of view it is much faster in resolving dependencies across several projects. Another significant difference is that dependencies are not updated/cleaned/refreshed upon "Project / Clean..." action and you should use "Project / Update All Maven Dependencies" or from popup menu "Maven / Update Dependencies" action to flush the cached model (we still don't have real equivalent for mvn -U, but die to the issues in Embedder this action may work like that).

Downloading of the source artifacts is also asynchronous, so it should be ok now to have "download sources" turned on. And there is still action in popup meny to download sources for the project or individual jars "Maven / Download

Mylyn integration updated to use new backend, so linking with issue tracking is now working when issue tracking info is inherited from the parent pom.

Added new decorator to show version from pom.xml on the project node for all projects that have Maven nature enabled. It is disabled by default, but you can turn it on from Window / Preferences... / General / Appearance / Label Decorations / Maven Version Decorator. I am planning to also enable this label decorator on pom.xml files (need some minor fixes in the model manager for that), but also would like to hear your feedback about this.

Maven Indexes view now allow to edit properties for the registered indexes and you can also specify index update url that is different from repository URL (i.e. update for Central repo is temporarily hosted on Sonatype web site). We actually need to brainstorm and came up with the strategy how to standardize this update and make it work directly with the Nexus

Checkout from SVN wizard can be now called from "File / Import..." menu and it now allows to directly paste SVN URL or browse SVN repositories registered in Subclipse

Number of wizards and dialogs now have history for all entry fields (i.e. URL, folder names, etc). / November 28, 2007

New Project wizards for creating new Maven projects and modules, using simple mode and archetypes. Jason, I haven't picked up latest changes from archetypeng that does not use wiki page as source catalog

Numerous fixes for performance, memory and dependency resolution between Embedder and Eclipse builder

Open Maven pom and Java Type from Maven repos (see main Navigate menu). Note that Search dependency/class dialog now shows icons, and little decorations for resources that have sources deployed to the repo

Maven Indexes view shows all registered indexes and let browse trough indexed repositories offline (including Central), it also allow to add user indexes (it should have /.index/ which can be created using nexus-indexer CLI)


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