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What is flex-mojos?

A collection of maven plugins to allow maven to compile, optimize, and test Flex SWF, Flex SWC, Air SWF, Air SWC and Air package

The main goal is to provide full support to all mxmlc/compc options.

Major Features

  • SWF, SWC, AIR and Flex versions;
  • AIR signing and .air file generation;
  • RSL and caching framework support;
  • Modules support;
  • full implementation of MXMLC and COMPC options;
  • Flex 3 and Flex 4
  • use FLEX-OEM-COMPILER - faster, less memory usage, no need of references to local drive;
  • asdoc support;
  • no setup needed, no environment variables, no changes to flex-configs.xml, no need to point your pom to any absolute path. Just standard maven life style.
  • compatible with several unit testing frameworks: FlexUnit, FUnit, asUnit, AdvancedFlex, fluint and FlexUnit 4
  • library otimization
  • html-wrappers generation
  • code generation using GAS3
  • WAR generation helper, that copy Flex artifact into WAR
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